Experiential Learning

In our trainings, we use experiential learning where possible. Experiential learning is an approach to learning in which participants first are given an experience, then reflect on that experience, and only after that connect it to the learning topic. There are two reasons why we are so adament in using experiential learning.

First, meta-analytical evidence shows that experiential learning is superior/more sustainable to other ways of learning. It leads to more learning retention and is therefore a highly effective learning method.

Second, inclusion is a topic that does not just affect the mind, but also the heart. It is about people’s lives and their personal experiences, which can include a long and painful history. As such, employees’ starting points in any discussion on inclusion tend to be highly divergent. Via experiential learning, we create a level playing field that allow all employees, regardless of their backgrounds and prior experiences, to enter the discussion and understand what is really at stake.

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