If you want to do inclusion

you’ve come to the right place

What we do


Because inclusion is a verb

Our approach


Tired of only talking about inclusion? Or only having abstract mission statements and policies about inclusion?

We help you to do inclusion. On the workfloor, where it matters most. And that is also where we start.

Understanding Inclusion

Inclusion is messy. There is not a single best strategy for inclusion. It involves sensitivity, morality, history, and above all: An understanding of context.

To help you understand inclusion in your context, we build on the most recent scientific insights.
Including our own.


We unapologetically promote inclusion.
We also believe that people do not mind being excluded from a variety of meetings, emails, and committees.

The truth is, inclusion is a paradox. And legitimacy is the solution to the paradox. And the key for you to become including.


Things participants have said during our services

That single experience you gave me of exclusion totally made me feel it. I now understand the experiences of minorities much better.

White male participant, Company X

Interesting. You indeed cannot be inclusive all the time. There is a time and place for exclusion.

Female D&I expert participant

Snippets of Scientific Insights

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We are expanding internationally! Do you want to become the certified trainer/consultant on Including Behavior in your country? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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