Scan Diversity & Inclusion

There are various scans that assess an organization’s performance in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. What should you pay attention to when you decide which scan to use?

Two elements are of main importance.

First, as far as possible, it should use scientifically validated scales. If the measure isn’t accurate, you may receive findings that are interesting, but offer very little value, because it is unclear what you have measured. Especially in the area of inclusion, wording is very important, and using a slightly ambiguous term can easily yield invalid findings.

Second, it is important that not just the averages are reported, but that close attention is given to outliers. Usually, such outliers would be looked at with suspicion, and potentially even discarded. However, for inclusion, they may provide your single most important pieces of data. If, for example, you measure the inclusive climate in the organization, and the majority of employees are men who give very high ratings, then the average may look very good. But if the few women who work in your company give a much lower rating, then all alarm bells should go off.

As the old saying goes: To measure is to know. But that is only true if the measure is accurate, and one knows how to interpret the measure.

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